Top Parent Questions

Can I make a Bunking Request?

Yes, during the registration process you can add bunking requests (2 names) and we will do our best to accommodate. Bunks are created by grade/age. You can update your bunk requests until May 1st, 2024.

My Child Can’t Swim! Will he/she learn to swim?

One of our greatest joys as camp directors is teaching kids to swim! For more than 15-years, we have maintained Red-Cross certification in lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, and waterfront lifeguarding (lake/open water), as well as being Maryland licensed pool operators. We have developed a swim instruction program that is 2nd to none, and – yes, your child will learn to swim! All campers will have daily instructional swim (unless we have a special event).

At the pool, we always have two lifeguards on duty, plus more lifeguards/swim instructors in the pool with the campers. Typically you will find one of us on the pool deck throughout the day supervising our staff and the swim program. Counselors are trained to keep their eyes on the pool at all times and how to respond to any pool emergency.

We have life jackets and pool noodles available for emerging swimmers to help them gain confidence in the pool.


How many kids are in a bunk? Are the bunks Co-Ed? What ages will my camper be with?

There will be about 12-15 kids in a bunk plus two staff and a bunk helper for our younger age groups. The bunks are co-ed. Bunks will be organized by grade/age. Appropriate changing spaces will be available.

What is the Camper to Staff Ratio?

We pride ourselves on having a low Camper to Staff Ratio of approximately 1 staff member to every 4 campers. Each bunk includes 2 staff members for 12-15 campers, and almost every activity has at least 1 more staff member per bunk (e.g., 12 campers with 1 arts instructor plus 2 counselors, a 4:1 ratio). We also have bunk helpers who assist with our younger campers.

What will the daily schedule look like?

Parents will receive your camper’s weekly bunk schedule and special events calendar at the beginning of camp!

There are 7 “periods” per day including a staggered lunch period. Our youngest campers have lunch early and an afternoon snack.

Daily: Campers have swim instruction in the morning and either a second swimming period or water-play period. Sports instruction is provided daily.

2-3 x per week: Gaga, STEM, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Playground, Drama, Games and MORE are included in each bunk’s schedule throughout the week. (Some activities are age dependent.)

Weekly or special events: Get excited for… Magic show, petting zoo, bubble show, foam party, musical guests, Carnival!, nerf battles, super hero day, July 4th parade… The fun never stops at CA Camps!!

Does Camp provide snacks?

The campers will receive an afternoon cold treat everyday. This snack will be a popsicle, ice cream, or snowball.

Are you providing lunch service?

Yes- we will have hot lunch available for purchase.

What happens on a rainy day or when it is a hot day?

We have reserved indoor space at CA Camps to accommodate our entire camp. We will have a variety of programs for the campers to do safely indoors on “code red” days or when there is excessive rain.

How often do the campers go inside Chizuk Amuno?

We do offer several activities inside Chizuk Amuno Congregation. The gym will be utilized throughout the camp day. In addition, Arts & Crafts, Music, Science, and Drama will be inside. In planning bunk schedules, ¾ the day will be outside and ¼ the day will be inside accessing the air conditioning of Chizuk Amuno. The inside activities will be split up throughout the camp day.

Can I volunteer at camp?

All employees and volunteers must be background checked and fingerprinted. Therefore, we are not accepting volunteers at this time.

Can I visit camp during camp hours?

Due to security concerns we must limit visits from camp families. We ask that parents that want to visit, to limit it to one activity period. All visits must be approved by the director.

Do you offer tours?

Yes, we offer tours. Please reach out to our camp office to set up a tour.